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My Shake Day

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MY SHAKE DAY is a progress tracker for your personal daily meal replacement shake program. Our app is the leader in helping you track your system or program, whether it be for 3 days, 30, or forever! We have built this app to work with any program and are adding new programs and systems as we continue to maintain and develop great new features.
****FREE SUPPORT FOR YOUR APP IS AVAILABLE - EMAIL US****Please do not post a support questions in the Google Play reviews, as you may not get a response!
KEY UNIVERSAL FEATURES:- log your weight loss- log your body measurements- international units- set goals and track your progress- stay motivated with reminders**
WEIGHT & MEASUREMENTS: Track your weight loss and inch loss progress as often as you want by easily entering your stats. It does the math for you! Easily monitor your progress through the scrolling history view, identify when you had plateaus and when you had break-throughs.
SUPPORTED SHAKE PROGRAMS:Isa-Shakes - 30-day________________________
Users on the 30-Day Shake and Cleanse Program can take advantage of additional features customized specifically to help them compete in their challenge!
KEY ISA-SHAKE FEATURES:- pop-up reminders** that keep you on track of your shake and cleanse days - your full customizable 30-day calendar directly on your device- check off your tasks on shake days and cleanse days
CALENDAR: This app follows the plan you set, whether you’re starting on Day 1 or adding it to your routine on Day 12. You can easily change any day from a cleanse day to a shake day and vice versa, to make the 30-day plan that fits your life.
You don’t need to be on an official program to take advantage of the features of this awesome health and fitness app. However if you would like to get more information on various weight loss and chose a program you are interested in, and we’ll have a nutritional and wellness consultant contact you to get your started on meeting your goals!
WHY IS THE ANDROID VERSION MORE EXPENSIVE THAN IPHONE?Android devices require more support, instead of removing My Shake Day from the Google Play store entirely, we have to charge more for the amount of customer service requests we get. Additionally, with Apple we only have to deal with 5 or so devices, while Android compatibility is in the thousands of devices. Which takes a lot of coding and testing. Unfortunately this app will not always work with EVERY Android phone - even some of the more expensive ones.
**Note, reminders may not work on all Android phones. Purchase with care, we do not offer refunds.